GLOBE TEXTILES (INDIA) LTD. – Welcomes All To Partner For A Better World!

Globe Group offers comprehensive textile solutions that cover entire spectrum of yarns, fabrics, home textiles and furnishings, denim garments and jeans for men and women.

Along with the above business activities, Globe actively discharges its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which involves collective engagement of management as well as employees to conduct acts of humanitarian nature besides self-improvement and grooming that concerns individuals in a big way.

Blood Donation camp is held in house and at particularly when there is a call from Red Cross Society of India, Ahmedabad Chapter, our socially and morally conscious factory workers and staff enthusiastically line up to supplement the depleting blood supplies specifically required for children affected by Thalassemia.

They are always ready to serve such humanitarian causes selflessly and with sheer devotion.

Among other initiatives undertaken was the path breaking activity on the anti-smoking and anti-tobacco front where factory employees undertook a pledge not to consume Gutkas, Tobacco and other bodily harming substances.

Running a poster campaign and bringing together all categories of workers and staff through professional counseling by making them aware of the evils of such vices, has brought in the dawn of realization on many who are in their impressionable age group as well as a few peers to change for better.

In this manner, GLOBE TEXTILES (INDIA) LTD. wishes to take the lead on CSR front too in the near future and make it a vibrant organizational culture to blend it with our corporate vision, mission and values to the core, to serve our domestic and international clients the best way; we know and can.