Globe Textiles production facilities have been set up in an environmentally-friendly manner. Led by the deft hands of the members of the management— Bhavik Parikh, Bhavin Parikh and Nilay Vora — it has emerged as a leading manufacturer to some of the best-known national and international brands as a consistent partner with zero rejections.


Managing Director of Globe Textiles (India) Ltd

Bhavik Parikh

Bhavik Parikh

Managing Director

Bhavik Parikh, Managing Director of Globe Textiles (India) Ltd. A Major in Business Administration from New York University, USA has always been an enthusiast entrepreneur at heart with challenges being the stepping stones to his vast success. After having completed his studies in the USA, Bhavik Parikh ventured into diamonds and was successful enough to have achieved a dream lifestyle in the heart of Manhattan. But having felt the strong urge towards home is where the heart is Bhavik Parikh closed doors to his highly successful business in the USA to come to India.With a heart of steel and a mind of gold at home, Gujarat’s effervescent textile market wooed him. Parikh started off with a retail store that went on to become one of the largest importers of Henry Hill shirts in India.Real estate interested him.

Today, Parikh has several real estate projects to his name in Ahmedabad. The entrepreneur within nudged him once again and Bhavik Parikh felt the need to establish his own empire. He knew his calling lay in the swishes of textiles. The changing season of styles and the texture of fabrics left a longing in his heart for more. Years were spent in assimilating a team of experts to build Globe Textiles (India) Ltd. from the scratch.


Chief Executive Officer at Globe Textiles (India) Ltd

Bhavin Parikh, Chief Executive Officer at Globe Textiles (India) Ltd., is in-charge of chalking out financial and business strategies for the company. A graduate from the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Marketing, Bhavin started his career at Adani Group, spending a year there. He later joined textiles in 2001 at a time the company was forging ahead with growth plans. Expanding into new products, visions and markets have been a daily routine while making sure there is a consistent improvement in products and existing customer services.

Bhavin is the co-founder of FundTonic, an Angel investment platform that handholds and supports start-ups who hold promise by providing co-working space, accelerator programs, mentoring and helps secure funding. He is currently nurturing two—one that aims to make technical, innovative papers lasting nearly 300 years and the other that wishes to navigate through the complex world of digital data analytics. Bhavin’s task on hand is to fortify the ideas well, strategize their business plan and action, reach the market at large profitably and help start-ups to reach their goal.

Globe Textiles has indeed benefited from his energy and is already eyeing a listing to extract more value and build a lasting brand for the future to savor.

Bhavin Parikh

Bhavin Parikh

Chief Executive Officer


Director of Globe Textiles (India) Ltd

Nilay Vora

Nilay Vora


Nilay Vora, Director, Globe Textiles India Ltd., is one of the young and dynamic members of the management with a decade long experience in marketing and product innovation. A graduate from Gujarat University, Nilay went on to study the entire value chain of raw materials sourced for the textile industry.His experience enriched him with a thorough knowledge right from the yarn to the source point and the crucial value additions to meet the diverse industry needs and maintain an edge in the market. Nilay’s a penchant for innovation guided him to control costs while delivering stellar client-ready products with the finest feel and design. His excellent managerial skills and interpersonal relations helped GTIL build lasting relations with the mill owners for over ten years now. Customer loyalty was kept intact in the process as product satisfaction zoomed. This ultimately has become a big contributor to the growth story at GTIL.

He has played an important role in fortifying customer base in South East Asian countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and the Philippines and now has laid strategies to penetrate the Gulf with Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran reckoning the products received and crafted to perfection.The team of designers at GTIL is always upbeat about new ideas and concepts that are conceptualized by Nilay. Targeted products to hit multiple markets at a go and in-depth knowledge of printed fabrics have already helped the company carve out a niche for itself with an eye on the future.